Only eat 7 different foods for 31 days. Yep, only 7.  With nothing added to them but salt and pepper and oil (when needed).

That is when a woman named Jen Hatmaker did and wrote about in her book, 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess. Within the first page of the book and I loved this Jen girl. She is hilarious, honest, and so not “holier than now”. She does not sugar coat and brings such conviction to my heart.

I read this book during my break in between classes yesterday and then all the way through my next class, only slightly closing it if the professor headed down my aisle. I’ve next read a book in class, but this was seriously too good to put it down. So good that my friend Audrey sitting next to me needed to know why I was cracking up, so naturally she started reading over my shoulder. And now we both want to only eat 7 foods for a month.

Well done, Jen. Well done, Jesus.

This book is not about turning away from the world of excess by doing extreme things so that you can be all alternative and egotistical.

This book is about making space for the only thing we need – Jesus, in a world that convinces us of so many other “needs”. This book is a story of a woman who craved to actually live like Christ.

“After Jesus’ fast, He began healing, rescuing, redeeming. The Spirit filled up the emptiness Jesus created, launching Him into ministry. In some supernatural way the abstinence from food was the catalyst for Jesus’ unveiling; the real fireworks were next. His powerful ministry was activated, inviting worship and opposition, salvation and death. After thirty years on earth, His story truly began.

‘He ate nothing during those days, and at the end of them he was
hungry.’ (Luke 4:2)

I am hungry.” – Jen Hatmaker

I want to get uncomfortable. I want to be emptied, in the way that Jesus was emptied for 40 days in the wilderness, in hopes that I might feel a little… hungry.

So for 28 days, Audrey and I are committing to only 7 foods plus salt, pepper, and oil when needed.

In the line up… quinoa, black beans, avocados, apples, sweet potatoes, eggs, and spinach.  Oh and WATER- and ONLY water.

We start Monday, April  21st and go till May 18th.  Prayer starts now.

I’ll report back soon.


march 2014

A whole lost has happened this month, hence why I have not posted once yet. For Spring Break I got the chance to see the Grand Canyon along with a few awesome towns on the way. Right before Spring Break I got a job at the loveliest little bakery in this town and now I eat a whole lot of bread. God has been really good to me the past few weeks, but more on that later. For now... some pictures from lately :)
me- the bread girl. 

 Downtown Flagstaff, AZ

On the way out of Flagstaff, heading to the Canyon.

Albuquerque, New Mexico // Nob Hill Neighborhood

The Canyon in all of God's glory.

Hiking in The Canyon was the coolest. 

 Oh it was good.